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Ours is secure as Fort Knox.

Sometimes, no matter how carefully you plan, something goes wrong during your move – your new place isn't ready on time or you are delayed in arriving. It just happens sometimes but, that doesn't mean that you need to deal with any additional stress because of it. When you hire Preferred Moving Company, part of our service is storage!

Full Service Storage

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Preferred Moving Company

Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, Preferred Moving Company has you covered.  For those rare occasions that something goes wrong during a move, we can store your belongings until the snag is cleared up and then just pick up where we left off with your move.  If you ran out of time to sort everything out before you moved, or just couldn’t make up your mind what you were keeping, we’ve got you covered there as well – we can safely and securely store your belongings as long you need us to.  It is just part of the service package when you deal with Preferred Moving Company!

Give us a call today to find out just how much we can do to help you move!  We offer free estimates too!